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From Prevalje across Slovenia and abroad – packages with the badge PRINTINK.

The company sells printer consumables – cartridges, toners and refill kits. In the last few years we also started selling office supplies – printable paper, writing supplies, binders… and school supplies.

Products are regularly added to our assortment and we quickly add new products if there is any demand for them. Customers from Slovenia, Croatia and abroad trust our company.

Our business is an online one, thus most of the turnover is created through our online store, which is visited by more than 60,000 customers.

The success of our company can be measured by the number of returning customers, i.e. around 90% of all customers are returning customers. This number is a result of our interaction with our customers. We have acquired their trust by selling quality products, quality service, speedy shipping but above all because of successful resolution of all complaints. At the centre of everything is our online store. It is easy to use and offers technical solutions to our customers. Our employees offer support to customers, such as answering phone calls, writing emails and giving advice in live chat sessions.

We put a great deal of effort into having the best employees. Our team is young, qualified and motivated to work. At the end of 2018, our company employed 15 workers. Moreover, we also do business with external contractors and include students in working processes.

The most important products / services of the company

Customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of our company. We constantly seek new ways of fulfilling the highest customer expectations. By actively pursuing our company goals, we can achieve expected results.

The company assortment is based on the retail activity, with the following key sales areas:

  • Cartridges and toners
  • Other consumables for printers
  • Printers
  • Everything office – office program
  • Office supplies
  • Everything school – school program

Cartridges and toners belong to our primary sales program. We have a diverse sales structure at our disposal ranging from key printer brands, such as HP, Brother, and Epson to Konica Minolta, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox and others.

We have gradually expanded our catalogue with printers; we sell:

  • laser printers,
  • inkjet printers and
  • all-in-one printers

of reputable brands. They offer high-quality prints and are eco-friendly (energy and ink efficient). We have built good relationships with numerous suppliers in Slovenia and abroad.

In addition to the online store www.printink.si, which operates in Slovenia, we also run the online store www.printink.hr, which offers the same program in Croatia, de.printink.si (DE) and ba.printink.si (BA).

The main strategy of the company is to become the leading online store dealing with consumable office supplies – everything office. We offer everything that can be used in an office, such as laminators, shredders, binding machines, etc.

The company Tehit, d.o.o. owns the online store vsezasolo.si, where customers can find school supplies for preschools and up to universities. We sell:

  • Satchels and school bags
  • Notebooks and folders
  • Pencils, pens and coloured pencils
  • Other accessories

Recently, we also started our own printer service, i.e. renting printers. We provide complete service, i.e. we set up the device as requested by the customers (depending on the number of users and prints) and provide maintenance (including supplying consumables). We maintain high-quality service so that our customers can feel at ease.

The company has developed its own business model, which has changed and adapted according to the market situation. Hence, it is a market-based business model. Based on our know-how, market research and experience we look for new solutions. We sell and market products which have a good absorptive capacity (fair price-quality ratio).

Our market model is based on the fact that purchased services and products should offer the best customers satisfaction. We have acquired a unique position in the market as most customers are not only repeat ones, but they also disseminate positive information about our company, which leads to a higher sales efficiency.

Our assortment includes a sales program which is in line with our customers’ expectations and:

  • offers the best price-quality ratio as well as usefulness,
  • is in accordance with all standards and norms,
  • is high-quality,
  • is ecologically sustainable,
  • is available in a reasonable time,
  • with guaranteed consulting – customers are helped.

Our business is based on the following principles:

  • professional competence,
  • qualifications,
  • responsiveness.

Our team is always on call.

Main customers

The company TEHIT d.o.o. is one of the main players in e-commerce.

The company has wide range of customers:

  • individuals,
  • companies,
  • public institutions.

This makes for safe business as it lessens the risk of income loss from any potential decline in sales. Our business activity is focus in Slovenia and the EU, which has great potential.

In order to eliminate bad business, we constantly check the quality and sincerity of big clients. We only do business with reliable business partners. We have long-term business relationships with certain customers. Furthermore, we strive to satisfy customer needs in order to make them repeat customers. We can only achieve this by providing quality and timely service, while being flexible to customers’ needs.


The company has been active since 2009. In this time, we have strengthened our business and established a well-recognized brand PRINTINK. A long list of refences from satisfied companies and individuals has helped our business greatly. Our customers do not only come from Slovenia but also from other parts of the EU. We also operate an online store in Croatia, which increases our customer base greatly.

The online store PRINTINK has won an award for the best e-commerce business in the category The Shopper’s Mind Category Award, Books, School & Office for the sixth consecutive time in 2018. The competition is organized by the price comparison website Ceneje.si and Shopper’s Mind.

The online store PRINTINK is a proud partner of:

  • official partner "Gold Partner" of HP
  • official partner of Brother Slovenia
  • official partner of Canon
  • official partner of Konica Minolta
  • official partner of Xerox
  • official partner of Epson

We can adapt to market changes, listen to customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.